P1. ARTES - Associazione Toscana Ricerca e Studio (IT)
ARTES - Tuscan Association for Research and Studies
ORGANIZATION TYPE: nonprofit organization, association recognized by Tuscan Regional Government from April 1996
ARTES promotes from 1993 high quality education in Tuscany and delivers projects of lifelong learning on business ethics and entrepreneurship education.
ARTES activities are:
- Artes et Ethica, since 2008 a programme of training that offers to young entrepreneurs, managers and professionals new instruments to interpretate and deepen ethical impact of economical decisions and actions.
- EYE, since 2012, a programme that promote the culture of doing business and entrepreneuship education of the youngest, combining the legitimate profit with the centrality of the human person and the social responsibilities.
- Entrepreneurial and managerial training for entrepreneurs, professionals and workers
- Promotion of cultural centers in Florence and in Tuscany
- Hall of Residence for students studying in Florence


ITEPS (Istituto Tecnico E Professionale Statale) PAOLO DAGOMARI
ORGANIZATION TYPE: Vocational Secondary School
It offers complete education and training for young people from the age of 14 to the age of 19, together with a system of evening classes for adult education and drop-out recovery.
The Institute includes three vocational schools, one for commercial services, one for social services and one for business studies. The latter is in its turn divided into three main courses of studies, one more properly dealing with accountancy, called AFM (Administration, Finance and Marketing), another one covering the area of Information Technology for Business, called SIA (Information Systems for Business), and finally, the more International of the three, the so-called RIM, International Relations for Marketing.


IARS is a leading, international think-tank with a charitable mission to give everyone a chance to forge a safer, fairer and more inclusive society. We achieve our charitable aims by producing evidence-based solutions to current social problems, sharing best practice and by supporting young people and the community to shape decision making. IARS is an international expert in criminal justice, restorative justice, human rights and inclusion, citizenship and user-led research.
IARS was founded upon the principles of; user & civic participation; restorative justice & dialogue; and individual empowerment & responsibility
The IARS International Institute has stayed true to its founding values and been striving to achieve its mission and vision officially for the past 11 years
Since its inception, IARS' charitable business, projects and strategic direction have been steered by user groups one of which is the Youth Advisory Board (YAB). This continues to be a key governance and project feature of IARS that meets on a regular basis to scrutinize, quality control and monitor our work, and advise on our strategy. YAB is a team of young volunteers aged 15 – 25 from different backgrounds and circumstances who are aware of the problems facing young people in today’s society and who are interested in an opportunity to do something positive about these issues.
YAB members also have the opportunity to be more directly involved in IARS projects, by attending workshops, assisting with how the projects are managed, writing in the IARS newsletter, updating the website and setting up youth events. All YAB members are awarded with a certificate for their active participation at the end of the project and they are provided with bespoke and tailored training that will allow them to genuinely get involved in projects and our governance.

P4. BSW Wangen (DE)
The BSW (Berufliches Schulzentrum Wangen) is a secondary vocational school with approximately 2.000 students and 140 teachers.
The school combines various types of schools under one roof which are split into the department of technology, the department of business studies and the department of agriculture.
Students can choose between The Dual System, which consists of the Part-Time Vocational School and the In-Company Training, leading to a Certificate of Apprenticeship and the Full-Time School in which students can receive any certificate ranging from the GCE (General Certificate of Education) to the ACSE (Advanced certificate of Secondary Education).

The BSW provides various opportunities for the students to go their own way.

P5. Amadeus (AU)
-Amadeus Association
-Registered non-profit Education Agency
-Amadeus Association offers German language training, vocational guidance and high quality internships for young workers and graduates. We work with over 700 national and multi national companies and can place students in any sector. We also have a fantastic summer course in Salzburg for teenagers and a German and work experience course especially for Ski and Snowboard Instructors.
- The Amadeus Association is a non profit transnational education agency and training institute offering vocational guidance, language training, professional seminars as well as high quality internship placements for young workers and graduates. The AA is an institute with 4 university tutors and student housing of 18 fully equipped apartments with WLAN internet access and cleaning service. Two tutors are responsible for following up the training paths and assisting the participants during their stay in Austria. Amadeus Association co-operates with more than 280 SMEs in all major economic sectors as well as in environmental industries and services. The AA hosts 700 participants from more than 30 countries worldwide each year on an average 3 month stay in Austria.

P6. MAC-Team (BE)
Organization type: International not-for-profit association    

MAC-Team is the European Multi Actors Cooperation network.
"Multi Actors" means that MAC-Team originates or participates to projects in which all the stakeholders of a problem or a topic are involved at a stage or another stage of the project to find relevant solutions.

MAC-Team is highly involved in practical approaches: to entrepreneurship; practitioner training on mentoring SMEs, open innovation ...  MAC-Team has developed a substantial experience in helping project partners monitor results, outcomes, quality assurance and in adding-value on projects’ outcomes.
In the EYEE Project, MAC-Team will act on two dimensions :
-    Use former experience in mentoring to support the EYEE project with a well-fitted mentoring programme.
-    foster a continuous quality assurance to ensure the quality and the relevancy of the project results for the key target groups.
Yves Boisselier:
Pascal Echardour:

P7. eLSo (RO)
eLearning & Software SRL (eLSo) is an IT&C company providing e-learning services, content development, training, online courses for educational, business and public sector. Our mission is to help our clients transform the teaching and learning experiences into something interesting, enjoyable and engaging. We work with the clients around the world and from various fields, which always challenges us to grow and find new and ingenious solutions. Our portfolio includes consulting, hosting, installation, administration, Moodle functions development, Moodle integration, support, Moodle training and content development services for clients from secondary education, academic, business and public domain.
eLearning & Software SRL is the only certified Moodle partner for Romania, that is authorized to offer Moodle services. As one of the Moodle partners, we are among the first to hear the latest Moodle news, offering to our clients secure services that are in accordance with the Moodle quality and security standards. As Moodle community members from around the world we collaborate at the continuous development of Moodle.
Our sector of activity are: K12, University, Business and Public institutions.
Our services are: eLearning project analysis, eLearning content design and development, training, support, hosting and cloud services.
We are the only Moodle certified partner for Romania since 2013 and in 2015 we became Articulate partners also.
Our portfolio includes consulting, hosting, installation, administration, Moodle functions development, Moodle integration, support, Moodle training and content development services for clients from secondary education, academic, business and public domain.
Our mission is to help you transform the teaching and learning experiences into something interesting, enjoyable and engaging. Our team will always help you to find the best solution for your needs because we are very keen to offer customized e-learning services.
Moodle is one of the most used e-learning platforms worldwide, which can be downloaded for free and it can be used to develop on line courses, communication, collaborative activities or assessment. Being an open source platform, there is a large Moodle community contributing to the development of Moodle functionalities and which can answer your questions.

P8. Fundacja Jeden Uniwersytet (PL)
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Fundacja Na Rzcecz Integracji Środowiska Akademickiego Miasta Poznania Jeden Uniwersytet
Foundation “One University”
ORGANIZATION TYPE: nonprofit organization, foundation recognized by Poznan Regional Government from February 2014
Fundacja Jeden Uniwersytet is associating youth form high schools, universities and non-formal education in Poznan, rising their skills and develops projects of entrepreneurship education.

  • Poznań Academy of Youth Leaders - we are focused on training youth participants about ethics, management and entrepreneurship. Summary of six-days course is creating an event Welcome to Poznan which is supposed to be skills check acquired during training.
  • The Juwenalia Youth Festival is promoting youngsters culture, integrating academic and high school society, engaging volunteers from many universities and school from the City of Poznań.
  • Campus Studencki - 6-day camp for youngsters focused on educating youth about academic life, their rights and duties, teambuilding, cooperation and solving problems in groups.
  • We support the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity (WOŚP) a huge national event during which volunteers collect money for ill children and the elderly.
  • Entrepreneurial and managerial training for youngsters from high schools, universities

P9. CAP Ulysse (FR)

Cap Ulysse is a training centre engaged with numerous community initiatives linked to education, professional training abroad, and work inclusion from a European perspective.
It aims to:

  • Promote work mobility experience to everyone
  • Improve the quality of mobility experiences by designing and implementing innovative tools and training paths
  • Support the recognition of mobility experience at a European level

Every year, Cap Ulysse supports more than 250 trainees in various learning mobility programmes.
We welcome in Bordeaux and send abroad young graduates, apprentices, students and adults on a training and work experience within different projects (ESF, ERASMUS+….).
Additionally, we organise study visits in Bordeaux for educational and vocational training providers and for wine, tourism and catering staff.
Within our project department, we council organisations willing to give mobility opportunities to their staff or trainees and we look forward to sharing and improving our practices with local and European mobility actors.

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